The Tao of Tea Super Green Energizing Blend, 1.6oz.

Super Green combines invigorating ingredients, Brazilian Yerba Maté, spring-plucked Japanese Sencha and a hint of sweet, bright Egyptian Orange Peel. The result is a smooth, slightly sweet, vegetal infusion with an energizing kick. Includes 15 biodegradable teabags.

This product's packaging is eco-friendly! Labels have no adhesive and can be recycled; tea bags are made from non-GMO plant material that will break down in a backyard compost pile and have no string or tag attached; canisters are made from reusable/biodegradable birch with a decorative ribbon closure; inner packaging is biodegradable.

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Size 15ct
Ingredients Sencha green tea, yerba maté and orange peel.
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