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Long regarded as a premium wool blanket, our Pendleton blankets have a tremendous history going back to the days of the wild west.  The label which reads, "Warranted to be a Pendleton," meant the highest quality when trademarked.  The wool is sourced mainly from Oregon and Washington.  The blankets are woven in mills in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington.  Many of the blankets have fabric blends to improve the qualities of hand, colorfastness, and durability.  The Woolen Mills' designers are all based in Portland, Oregon.  The Native American Inspired designs are adaptations of traditional patterns, many with a contemporary touch.  The Jacquard blankets, with a "negative" pattern on the reverse side, are two blankets in one.  Pendleton blankets undergo fastidious quality control.  We say heirloom quality and there are many experiences of people enjoying a Pendleton blanket passed down to them by a grandparent.

A Pendleton blanket is great as a wedding gift or a finishing touch to for your home or cabin.  There is something here for all uses and occasions. Made In Oregon ships blankets free with no sales tax from our Portland, Oregon warehouse.

To get the most life from your Pendleton Blanket, follow the use and care instructions sewn on the blankets.  The tags on some blankets, such as the National Park blankets include information about the park which the blanket commemorates

As two Portland, Oregon-based companies, Made In Oregon and Pendleton Woolen Mills share histories that span decades and the relationship between the two companies is particularly close. Made In Oregon has been stocking and selling Pendleton products for over 40 years. With warehouses that are separated by only a few minutes drive, Made In Oregon is able to pick up products directly from their warehouses usually within a day. Chances are that if you are looking for a specific style or color of Pendleton blanket, Made In Oregon has it in stock.  Year in, year out and with constantly changing tastes and fashion trends, always a great gift  choice. The white Eco-Wise washable wool blanket is a popular wedding gift. The Native American inspired designs are well suited for a vacation home or cabin. Made In Oregon stocks matching towels for many of the Native American inspired patterns. The Heritage collection blankets are modern adaptations of blanket designs that Woolen Mills sold in the past that are kept in the Mills' library. The Woolen Mills produces contemporary designs in addition to the historic patterns it is best known for. The Star Wars collection has been very popular and with the movie series producing new episodes continuing from its start in 1977, that collection should stay relevant for many years to come. The National Park blanket collection are among our most popular blankets. Each blanket commemorates a national park. The National Park blankets come in traditional bed sizes and camp blankets, roll-up blankets, and motor robe sizes. We also stock towels in spa and bath sizes and mugs to match your Pendleton blanket.  The Pendleton Camp blankets and Pendleton Roll Up blankets make great gifts. With a handle or roll-up feature, leave it to the imagination of the blanket recipient to think of uses from picnics to tailgating. The packable Camp blanket and Roll Up blanket are something everyone can use and probably doesn't already have. Pendleton has been doing business in Oregon for over one hundred years owned and managed by the founding family.  An iconic and unique product.

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