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Get your weird on here. We have weird and we have not-so-weird. Be sure to visit the product categories to see more great stuff. Keep Portland Weird. It is a motto, rallying call, and anthem. The effect Portland has on the world can not be understated, shoe culture, wine culture, advertising has all changed because of this city. TV shows have reveled in the particular uniqueness of the west coast's smallest big city. Maybe it is the rain and over abundance of lush green plant material, maybe it is the cut of the jib of the characters who come here. Whatever it is Portland is weird, wild, and oftentimes soaking wet. We love the city of Roses. Show your support by getting a bumper sticker and let folks know how you feel, Keep Portland Weird! Music Millennium owner Terry Currier was inspired by Austin Texas's "Keep Austin Weird." "Keep Portland Weird" is a popular slogan that appears on bumper stickers, signs, and public buildings throughout Portland, Oregon and its surrounding metro area. It has since evolved into an all-encompassing slogan that secondarily promotes individuality, expressionism, local art, as well as atypical lifestyle choices and leisure activities. The slogan frequently inspires articles and debate that attempt to quantify the exact level to which Portland is considered weird, unusual or eccentric.