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About Sasquatch

Have you ever seen Sasquatch? You know, the creature that lurks in the forests of the Pacific Northwest? There have been tons of sightings of this mythical creature. Some say, he can be seen wandering campsites in the middle of the night trying to scare unsuspecting travelers. One specific day in history would forever turn the oral stories of Sasquatch into living proof that he just might exist. It was during a clear fall day in October, 1967. South of the Oregon border, surrounded by rugged terrain of the Six Rivers National Forest two cowboys traveling by horse spot something moving next to Bluff Creek. The Patterson-Gimlin film captured the most definite proof of bigfoots existence ever. Bigfoot sighting have been reported widely all over the pacific northwest. We celebrate all things sasquatch here at Made In Oregon. Find your Sasquatch themed swag right here, and get ready for the sighting. Bigfoot's on the loose and it's up to you to catch him!