Gift Guide

Made In Oregon provides the finest goods our state has to offer. Our goods are sourced from artisans and small businesses whose focus is on quality, not quantity. When you give a gift from Oregon you know it will be treasured by the recipient, because of its unique craftsmanship. With over 4,000 quality products to choose from, you will find an extensive variety of goods for every taste and budget. Below you will find a few of our most popular gifts for people who love Oregon as much as we do. Customers know when they purchase from Made In Oregon, they are receiving the best Oregon has to offer.


About our gift guide

The history of Made In Oregon as a purveyor of the best gifts from Oregon is long and storied.  Made In Oregon opened its first retail store in 1976 in the Portland International Airport.  At the time, Made In Oregon was not just the only retailer of exclusively Oregon gifts, but it was also the only retailer of "made in ___" gifts.  Made In Oregon was the pioneer in the retaling industry of stores that sold only products made locally.   All was not smooth during the store's early beginnings.  The population of Oregon at the time of the micro chain's founding was a fraction of what it is today and the number of companies manufacturing consumer products was pretty small.  Nike the shoe company was not yet founded.  (As an aside, Oregon is now home to the largest and best known sports apparel companies in the world.  Sports apparel is but one of several industry clusters that have developed since the founding of Made In Oregon.  Software is another major industry cluster in Oregon.)  At one time, the Oregon products Made In Oregon sold included forest products, that is wood.  And, even later, after there were several retail outlets in the micro chain, Made In Oregon sold circular saw blades.  Not exactly an Oregon gift that might be appreciated by all.  Made In Oregon was and is a showcase for many Oregon products, but as a retailer focusing on Oregon gifts, the product offering has been honed and polished so that we present you with the gift from Oregon that will be a sure hit with its recipient.  We offer over 4,000 items for your consideration.  Use this convenient gift guide to inspire gift ideas.  Give Oregon, and give with confidence.   Fast shipping and no sales tax!