Gift Baskets

We have gift baskets for every occasion and budget. Made In Oregon gift baskets aren't just gift baskets from Oregon. They're truly great gifts filled with the very best foods and delicacies from this region known for clean air, pure water, fantastic produce, and award-winning cheeses. This year, choose a wine gift basket and you're giving wine from the best wine region in the world, according to Wine Enthusiast magazine. We feature gourmet foods that are carefully matched to complement each other and delightfully presented. Most of our baskets are delivered in an earth-friendly box made from recycled materials printed with original art scenes from Oregon. Give Made In Oregon gift baskets with confidence and pride.

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About Made In Oregon Gift Baskets


Made In Oregon gifts baskets are filled with delicacies from Oregon that we select, not just because they're from Oregon, but because they are really good.  Our job is easy, though.  Oregon has some of the best producers of food and wine in the country.  Not convinced?  Tillamook Cheese has won more awards than any other cheese.  Our wines are hand selected by our very own certified Sommelier.  Still not convinced?  Many of our wines are 90 plus rated.  Our baskets feature truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates.  The Moonstruck chocolates have been endorsed by Oprah.  Year in year out, our top sellers sell out during the holidays and if you read our reviews, you'll see how much they are appreciated.  New this year is our dessert basket filled with great sweets and fruitcake.  Trappist Abbey Fruitcake is one of our top-selling holiday items, and believe it or not, we sell a bunch all year round.  Why?  Fruitcake is a traditional British wedding present.  We also have a breakfast gift basket with our renowned marionberry jam and syrup.  Breakfast gift baskets are something a little different, but growing in popularity.  Of course, you can't go wrong with our traditional gift baskets.  Our smoked salmon gift baskets are our best sellers.  Our Tillamook Cheese gift baskets are our most popular.  Oregon is one of the two regions in the world that grows Hazelnuts and many or our gift baskets include a bag of either salted, smoked, chocolate coated, and Marionberry chocolate coated Hazelnuts.  Our baskets aren't just filled with Oregon products.  Our baskets are filled with really, really good delicacies that happen to all come from the great state of Oregon.  We have Oregon gift baskets with fantastic wines.  You can choose your own wine from our top wineries selections.  You can choose wine gift baskets with one, two, and three bottles of wine.  Choose red wine, white wine, or both.  We offer gifts baskets to fit your gift giving budget from under $25 to our sure to impress $250 and up gift baskets.