Corporate Orders

Show clients your appreciation. Thank your top performers. Recognize outstanding service. Remember special occasions. Made In Oregon has the ideal corporate gift for every purpose and person. Contact our corporate representative for a free consultation. We will help you create the best gift for your client and budget.

Call our Corporate Gift Specialist at (503) 517-4394

2017 Holiday Program Policy


Your discount is valid until November 30.

Delayed delivery

You may specify the date we give your packages to UPS. Sorry, but we cannot guarantee an arrival date for ground shipments. Please consult with UPS’ holiday delivery schedule at Neither UPS nor Made In Oregon guarantee arrival dates via Ground Shipping during the holidays. Please ship early.

Address Book

We can enter your address book from a spreadsheet which you may download here.  We will verify every address against UPS’ data base, but we cannot guarantee delivery to businesses (see below). To take advantage of this service, we must receive your spreadsheet before November 25, 2017.

Payment Terms

We accept payment by credit card or check. Terms are payment at the time of order. We do not ship without payment. Invoices cost you and us a lot of money and time. We don’t want to create unnecessary errors and delays. Pay by check or credit card at the time of order, and your order to glide through our system.


Each year, our customers attempt to ship to recipients who refuse boxes from unfamiliar senders (us, not you), who are unwilling to sign for alcohol, have closed their offices for the holidays, have changed jobs, or have relocated departments and employees. Undeliverable packages are returned to us freight collect. We cannot refund orders that are returned to us. We make every effort to get your gifts out of our warehouse on the day you specify in perfect condition, but what happens on the other end cannot be our responsibility.

Product substitutions

During the holidays, our inventories can become depleted rapidly and we will ship a similar item of the same or greater retail value so as to not delay your shipment.

Quality Guarantee

If your recipient doesn’t like your gift for any reason, we will refund your product purchase amount.  Excludes weather-related products issues and perishables left unrefrigerated after delivery.

International Shipping

Sorry, but we are not accepting orders for delivery to foreign countries this year. We are happy to ship to you for forwarding onto your recipient.

Special Requests and Handling

We can do anything you ask from including your catalogs in the box, adding your product, printing your logo...the sky is the limit.  Do allow extra time to process your order.  We will bill your credit card at the time of shipment for time and materials.