Barnacle Bill's Wild Smoked Chinook Salmon, Moist Cut Half Pound

This is our most flavorful smoked salmon we've ever stocked.  Taken from the richest cut, filleted by hand and alder smoked to perfection, Barnacle Bill's Moist Wild Smoked Chinook Salmon is the softest, juiciest morsel that seal lions like to eat first. Pouches of smoked salmon have a long shelf life an do not require refrigeration until after the pouch has been opened.

Moist is great on salads, and is the most savory of the 3 cuts offered.

Barnacle Bill's Seafood Market has been providing the freshest seafood available in Lincoln City, Oregon for over 70 years.
Weight is 8oz per fillet

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Size 8oz
Shirt Size XXL
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