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It all started with a conversation between Made In Oregon founder Sam Naito and a Port of Portland Commissioner about ideas for stores in the Portland International Airport. In the 1970s no one thought a store that sold only Oregon made products was possible. When Sam raised the idea, the commissioner asked, “What are you going to sell? Lumber?” Sam, an Oregon native, insisted he could find plenty of local goods, enough to stock a small store, and make it successful.

Made In Oregon's first store opened at Portland International Airport in 1975. Since then it has built a reputation as a purveyor of high-quality, local products made, designed, or grown in Oregon. Made In Oregon was named the best source for "All Things Oregon," in Zagat's "2012 Portland City Guide."
Made in Oregon now has 9 retail stores located in Portland, Salem, Newport and Eugene. Made in Oregon was one of the first retailers to expand into e-commerce, and since 1997 madeinoregon.com has enjoyed a growing presence and brisk business shipping Oregon-made goods to the entire country.

Since 1975, Made in Oregon has supported and helped develop the Oregon economy by sourcing and selling artisan and farm products. Made in Oregon has helped grow thousands of small businesses - Oregon people who make, grow, and design good things - and has helped many small craft businesses develop into sizeable businesses. Thousands of Oregonians have benefited from the success of a small retailer who started with a unique concept in 1975.

Popular Products
  1. Jacobsen Salt 6 Vial Set W/ Branded Wood Stand
    This stylish Jacobsen Salt gourmet 6 vial set with branded wooden stand is an excellent gift for your favorite home cook. Pair your most basic to complex dishes for a truly unique flavor. Hand harvested from Netarts Bay, Oregon.


    • Rosemary Salt .75 oz.- Herbal and citrus notes, combined with hints of pine and tea leaf, pair perfectly with grilled or roasted lamb, stewed Tuscan kale, fried potatoes, or whole-wheat focaccia.
    • Habanero Salt .75 oz.-Infused with dried hababero peppers. Versatile and aromatic salt provides a burst of heat that lingers slightly on the tongue. Use it to season sauteed vegetables, rim a margarita glass, or dry rub a flank steak.
    • Pinot Noir Salt .75 oz.- Notes of vanilla and sweet red fruit pair with earthy tones to perfectly finish braised beef, roasted beets, pasta with marinara, or summer berries with burrata
    • Black Garlic Salt .75 oz.-Jacobsen ferments their own black garlic and infuses it with pure Kosher sea salt. The result creates a nuanced flavor profile that's elusive to describe but irresistible once you try it. Put it on sliced tomatoes, roasted chicken, and just about any seasonal vegetable.
    • Salt and Pepper Salt .75 oz.- A perfect Seasoning. Combined the best salt in America with the very best black Tellicherry peppercorns available. The result is a clean, briny ea salt with hints of heat and spice , It's good on just about everything.
    • Pure Flake Finishing Salt .75 oz.
    • Pure, Hand-harvested flake salt with a bright salinity and delicate crunch. Use this salt to finish savory and sweet dishes alike. Add to sliced steaks and roasts, sprinkle over eggs or add to anything that strikes you,
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  2. Create Your Own Gift Box

    Our "Create Your Own Gift Box" option allows you to add a Made In Oregon Signature Gift Box to your cart, and then shop worry free.

    Easy steps to send a fully-customized Gift Box full of the best from Oregon:

    1. Add this Gift Box to your Cart (This will indicate to our shippers that this is a custom gift box and to be packed accordingly)
    2. After adding your box, just shop any products from our site.
    3. Add each item to your cart and we'll select the best box size to beautifully present your thoughtful gifts.

    All recycled, easily recycled box.  Strong, but folds completely flat.  Our proprietary design features original art scenes from Portland and Oregon.  Best gift box box anywhere.  Includes eco friendly packing material in Krinkle cut craft paper.

    (Full box is for representative purposes only.  Box is empty until you fill it up.)

    Please consider the tempertature at your destination and select Express Shipping or non-perishable products.

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  3. Big Foot Toe Jam Oregon Marionberry Jam 12oz
    This perfectly sweet Big Foot Toe Jam is made from the delicious Oregon marionberry which is a cross between Chehalem and Olallieberry blackberries. This is a very spreadable jam and will make a tasty topping for your favorite toasts, crackers or bread. Net weight 12 oz. Learn More
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