Tillamook Cheese 3-Year Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar 18 oz.

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In Oregon, Tillamook is synonymous with cheese. It's the name we trust in the dairy aisle, and rightfully so. Tillamook is a dairy cooperative owned by farmers, not shareholders. It's been this way since the very beginning in 1909. Tillamook is a brand that is committed to tradition, values, and quality.

"This is Dairy Done Right." - The Tillamook Promise

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Sunshine Mama
Tillamook Cheese - Always the Best
In my opinion you can never go wrong with Tillamook Cheese. At Christmastime I bought several of the Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp. It got rave reviews from all my guests -- and me too!
best there is
wonderful cheese please let me know when it goes on sale I would like to stock up on it
Mighty good cheese
Had trouble getting more of the 2yr version locally. It is quite good. This one even more sharp and creamy. Albeit more expensive.
This cheese is straight from heaven. There is no cheese made that even compares to it. Dry but moist, sweet but extra sharp. When you bite into it, there's a symphony of flavors that plays out in your mouth. WOWZER! Best cheese in the world.
I bought a BUNCH of these 3 yr cheeses for my children, who were born and living in Oregon (we're in MI :( ) but knew they wouldn't find this wonderful cheese. It is SOOOOO good, so flavorful, so creamy...so good. They loved the cheese gifts and I can't wait to get to mine (got a little cheesed out over the holdays, so still have mine unopened).

I'm hoping Made in Oregon will continue to carry it.
Tillamook Extra Sharp Vintage 3 year cheddar
Do yourself a favor and buy this cheese. This is the best sharp cheddar on the planet, period.
Jennifer Duggan
A Cheddar lovers dream
I have not met a piece of cheese that I did not like. I venture towards all different kinds depending on the mood and company. But when it comes down it, give me a chunk of cheddar and I am one happy girl. As a recent transplant to Portland, I was excited
Greatest Cheese Ever
Tillamook's Vintage White Extra Sharp is the best cheese I have ever eaten. Much better than any other variety of Tillamook cheese or any other brand of cheese. Whenever it's on sale, I make sure to stock up, because I eat so much of it.