Pendleton Shared Paths Wool Baby Blanket

The shared paths blanket was inspired by the Navajo people's view of animals and how they lived in harmony on Earth. Appearance may not necessarily dictate the animals' behavior. The mighty buffalo, big and strong, but yet a gentle herbivore. A fox petite and small, but a fierce hunter. All Earth's animals from Deer to Dove move together in balance and order.
  • 82% pure virgin wool, 18% cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Napped. Felt-Bound
  • 32" X 44" (81-112 cm)
  • Dry Clean Only
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Size 32x44
Blanket Size Muchacho (Baby)
Pendleton Collection Muchacho (children's)
blanketsham No
Blanket Pattern Native American Inspired
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