Pendleton Charcoal Stewart Tartan Roll-up Blanket

There's nothing like sitting under the stars over a campfire, get ready for your next adventure with this nylon-backed Pendleton Charcoal Stewart Tartan Roll-up Blanket. Our blankets are designed to roll up and pack away with a convenient leather handle. Plaids are woven in Pendleton's American mills. Dry clean only.
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Info Imported
Manufacturer Pendleton
Pendleton Collection Roll Up Blankets
Blanket Pattern Plaid
Blanket Size Camp / Roll Up
Size 60x70
Out of stock
About The Manufacturer:

Long regarded as a premium wool blanket, our Pendleton blankets have a tremendous history going back to the days of the wild west. The label which reads, "Warranted to be a Pendleton," meant the highest quality when trademarked. The wool is sourced mainly from Oregon and Washington. The blankets are woven in mills in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. Many of the blankets have fabric blends to improve the qualities of hand, colorfastness, and durability.

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