Pendleton Pagosa Springs Wool Blanket, Twin

This blanket depicts the legend of how Pagosa Springs got its name. In the Southern Utes of Colorado, when tribes heard of a plague that medicine men could not cure, a council gathered on the riverbank. They built an enormous fire, danced and prayed for help. When they woke, a hot springs had replaced the fire. They bathed and were healed by the springs, naming it "pah" (water) and "gosa" (boiling). The blue hues and center design of this blanket represents the hot springs rising through fire to bring peace and health. Reversible for dramatically different looks. Made from pure virgin wool and cotton. Made in USA. Dry clean only.

64in x 80in

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Manufacturer Pendleton
Pendleton Collection Heritage
Blanket Pattern Native American Inspired
Blanket Size Twin
Size 64x80
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