Pendleton Lake Yakima Camp Throw

The popular Lake Yakima Camp Throw from Pendleton Woolen Mills, has both a contemporary cabin look and a wonderful vintage style. The rugged camp style blankets were used traditionally by shepherds, NW cowboys and ranchers to brave the harsh elements of the Pacific Northwest, and are a perfect gift for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Pendleton Yakima camp blanket will also look great in your rustic cabin, or even as a vintage accent in your contemporary home. Style # ZA158-52552.
  • 54" x 66"
  • 86% wool and 14% cotton
  • Made in USA
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    Pendleton Collection Camp Blankets
    Blanket Pattern Striped
    Blanket Size Throw / Motor Robe
    Size 54x66
    Shirt Size XXL
    In stock

    Long regarded as a premium wool blanket, our Pendleton blankets have a tremendous history going back to the days of the wild west. The label which reads, "Warranted to be a Pendleton," means the highest quality when trademarked. The wool is sourced mainly from Oregon and Washington. The blankets are woven in mills in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. Many of the blankets have fabric blends to improve the qualities of hand, colorfastness, and durability.

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