Honeywood Giftbox Sampler

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About The Winery

This winery has been making wine since 1933, and though they are known mostly for their fruit wines, they do produce some wines from the vitis vinifera, the most common grape vine (ie. Chardonnay, Merlot and more). The winery and tasting room are located adjacent to downtown Salem, where you can taste from their selection of almost 70 different wines!!!

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Fruity wine
If you like wine that's very fruity.this honey woods is the one.after the first sip you won't Believe the fruity flavor.all flavors are the bang of fruity flavors thanks honey woods
Stephanie Stith
Marionberry Wine
I live in Californias' wine country and have searched for 20 years and the Marionberry from Oregon is still the best!