Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket, Full

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Long regarded as a premium wool blanket, our Pendleton blankets have a tremendous history going back to the days of the wild west. The label which reads, "Warranted to be a Pendleton," meant the highest quality when trademarked. The wool is sourced mainly from Oregon and Washington. The blankets are woven in mills in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington. Many of the blankets have fabric blends to improve the qualities of hand, colorfastness, and durability.

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You will live this blanket. This is a beautifully crafted heavy weight blanket that will aid your deep restful sleep. Although it's "heavy" it is not going to make you hot and uncomfortable. The wool allows you to stay comfortable during any weather and temperatures. You will love it and never look back at spending the money on this quality product. Even better is that it is made in the USA.
Love it!
My husband and I have both wanted this blanket our entire lives! Was worth the wait! Will be buying these for all of our kids.
Love it!
I love this blanket. It's heavy and feels like a big hug! Very warm
Great investment!
I think this blanket is one of the best investments I have ever made when I went to Glacier National Park for a visit.