Jacobsen Salt 6 Vial Set W/ Branded Wood Stand

This stylish Jacobsen Salt gourmet 6 vial set with branded wooden stand is an excellent gift for your favorite home cook. Pair your most basic to complex dishes for a truly unique flavor. Hand harvested from Netarts Bay, Oregon.


  • Rosemary Salt .75 oz.- Herbal and citrus notes, combined with hints of pine and tea leaf, pair perfectly with grilled or roasted lamb, stewed Tuscan kale, fried potatoes, or whole-wheat focaccia.
  • Habanero Salt .75 oz.-Infused with dried hababero peppers. Versatile and aromatic salt provides a burst of heat that lingers slightly on the tongue. Use it to season sauteed vegetables, rim a margarita glass, or dry rub a flank steak.
  • Pinot Noir Salt .75 oz.- Notes of vanilla and sweet red fruit pair with earthy tones to perfectly finish braised beef, roasted beets, pasta with marinara, or summer berries with burrata
  • Black Garlic Salt .75 oz.-Jacobsen ferments their own black garlic and infuses it with pure Kosher sea salt. The result creates a nuanced flavor profile that's elusive to describe but irresistible once you try it. Put it on sliced tomatoes, roasted chicken, and just about any seasonal vegetable.
  • Salt and Pepper Salt .75 oz.- A perfect Seasoning. Combined the best salt in America with the very best black Tellicherry peppercorns available. The result is a clean, briny ea salt with hints of heat and spice , It's good on just about everything.
  • Pure Flake Finishing Salt .75 oz.
  • Pure, Hand-harvested flake salt with a bright salinity and delicate crunch. Use this salt to finish savory and sweet dishes alike. Add to sliced steaks and roasts, sprinkle over eggs or add to anything that strikes you,
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