Portlandia Foods Portland Organic Ketchup

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Mustard container
Love your organic mustard,

My I suggest a wide mouth container. We have a hard time getting to the last drop

Best ever
This is the best catch up I’ve ever had
Mama Harris
Where's my hamburger ???
Oh there it is, smothered in Portland Ketchup! Hi there! We discovered this Ketchup here in the Seattle area at a Winco Store. Portland is my hometown. One day, while we were out shopping, I was looking for something to bypass traditional corporate plastic bottled ketchup. That's when I found this amazing and incredible bottle of delicious, rich, tasty, 'where's my burger' ketchup! We now have two bottles of ketchup in our house: "Cooking Ketchup" and PORTLAND KETCHUP for anything we are directly wanting ketchup on! It's worth every juicy penny! I promise! Use it whenever you want to really have the taste of ketchup.... and use 'cooking ketchup' for those blended, won't taste it anyway recipes!
I never really liked before trying this one. Had it at a restaurant when visiting Oregon. Now I am ordering it a supply of it.
The best ketchup ever, hands down! Had this today at Smithfield’s in Ashland, Oregon with an equally delicious BLT and goat cheese fries.

Spend the $$ - it’s worth it!
Bestest ever
So delicious your food doesn't have to be that great!!! A savory delight
Kristie Ghioni
Best Ketchup ever!
Wow, had this in a local restaurant and it was so good I couldn't believe it. Came home and tracked it down, so sad not in stores here yet so ordered half a case online. I know, I know ketchup what could be so unique about it but trust me you will never
Brian Mettler
Awesome ketchup
Had this ketchup at Mcminimins (ya i know i spelled that wrong) in oregon city and imediatly went to the closest fred meyer and bought some for ourselves and our our families. BEST ketchup ever. However if ordering online it is cheaper to buy it in bulk
Stephen T
Very DAMN Good Ketchup!!!
WOW!!! This is SO good, It's BETTER than the NATIONAL Brands!!!
We were visiting the beautiful state of Oregon. We had this ketchup at a restaurant in Depoe Bay. We located the nearest grocery store and bought 2 bottles to take back home with us! Now, ordering it online! Awesome taste and love the thick consistency too!
Pregnant and craving it
Hands down the best ketchup ever I'm 6 mo pregnant and I crav this all the time
Barbara Smart Smith
I first discovered your ketchup a year ago...Can not stop thinking and talking about...."Its Incredible". I have told all my friends about it and when they visit my sister in Florence they have to try it and send me a picture of the bottle and themselves....delicious
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