Jacobsen Black Garlic Salt 3.1 oz.

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Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. began harvesting sea salt from the shores of the Oregon Coast for the first time since Lewis & Clark in 1805. From his travels, Ben Jacobsen had discovered the power of a quality salt to elevate every dish and set out to create a product Made In the U.S. Embraced locally from the start, Jacobsen Salt Co. is now recognized as a national brand coveted by gourmet and home chefs alike.

Known primarily for the Flake & Kosher Sea Salts from Netarts Bay, Jacobsen has also introduced the American pantry to unique and expertly sourced varieties. Whether it's finishing a roasted chicken with Rosemary Salt, or taking your movie night popcorn to the next level with White Truffle Salt, Jacobsen Salt Co. is the new American pantry staple.

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Black Garlic Salt
This product adds an unami flavor to anything unlike any other. I use it in many recipes. It's fabulous in pureed cauliflower, tomato sauces, soups and any other cooking that needs a bit more flavor added. If a dish needs a bit of flavor added, try this and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. It is not the same flavor as fresh garlic or garlic powder. It has a far greater depth.