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About Huckleberry

Oregon wild huckleberries grow in the Cascade Mountain range from Mount Hood, all the way to Crater Lake. The wild huckleberry has a sweet and tart flavor but with more of an intense sweetness than its blueberry cousin. Our huckleberry products include jams, syrups and teas from Huckleberry Haven, and scented candles from Jenteal Soaps. Huckleberry. These little wild berries are prized by connoisseurs pie makers and bears. Our featured producers make the finest jellies, syrups, honey and more. Hand picked Huckleberries are becoming more rare and coveted around the world. Made In Oregon is the number 1 collector of huckleberry products from the great state of Oregon. You wont find a bigger selection online or in any store! Do yourself a favor and experience real Oregon Huckleberry in many different ways. Yum!