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About Eco-Friendly

Portland, Oregon is often referred to as America’s number one environmentally friendly or ‘green’ city. Portland has everything: lively and attractive pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods, 510 kilometers of cycle paths, efficient public transportation networks, the highest number of urban parks per capita in the US, and the country’s greatest concentration of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Portland is definitely all about sustainable and low-impact living: half its power comes from renewable sources; a quarter of the workforce commutes by bike, carpool (so-called Flex Cars) or public transportation; its city planning minimizes sprawl; 35 buildings are certified by the US Green Building Council; 67% of all waste is composted and treated locally; the recycling ethic is widespread; and over 200 green roofs cover buildings. Made in Oregon is proud to offer a variety of awesome eco-friendly products from our partners. From sustainable wood products, to eco-friendly Pendleton blankets, we are sure there is something for everyone that wants to help keep Oregon and the world a greener place!