Tillamook Cheese Lovers Sampler Pack Gift Basket

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We were at Portland's Lloyd Center store this afternoon. A large display had gift boxes with crackers, nuts, cheese, salami, etc, Got 3 of them as little gifts. At check out the clerk disappeared, and then came back with cheese and salami type packets. He tried to fit them in the boxes, I said I could do that at home. Quite later at home, I went ahead and was going to wrap them with holiday wrap. Cheese say "keep refrigerated". How stupid is that? How would you ship this to someone if that was your plan?
Was I risking my life back in the 80's with Hickory Farms? For some reason I thought that stores like these would use non refrigeration required products. God grief
Purchased this for my daughter because we had gone to Tillamook Cheese Factory and Tillamook Smoke House last year. The package had a variety of cheeses she loves and can't get here in California. Good price, got here quick but ask them to pack with cold packs.
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