Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8oz.

A Best Seller. A century of eating in the making. Tillamook Cheese Sharp Cheddar is made from a 100 year old award-winning recipe and naturally aged over 9 months. The recipe comes from Tillamook's commitment to tradition, values, and quality. Tillamook is a dairy cooperative owned by farmers, not shareholders. The essential ingredient in each classic, creamy cheese brick is fresh dairy milk from free foraging and grain fed cows, and is free of growth hormones. 8 oz.

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More Information
Manufacturer Tillamook Creamery
Pieces 1
Cheese Type Sharp Cheddar
Size 8oz
Ingredients Cultured milk, enzymes (rennet), salt, and annatto (natural coloring extracted from the seeds of annatto trees grown in the tropics; it is responsible for that beautiful Tillamook Cheddar yellow color!)
Info Aged over 9 months.
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