Oregon Hill Marionberry Syrup 12 oz.

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Purchased as a gift
Bought this syrup for my parents because no other syrup is as good as Marionberry and you can't get it locally in MO. My parents LOVE it so much they call me every time they are eating it with pancakes or waffles. In fact, I swear they make waffles just so they can eat the syrup. DELICIOUS!
I really like this syrup. I can only eat gluten free food, and my choices of syrup are extremely limited. This one causes no problems for me, and tastes wonderful.
First tasted this while on vacation in Oregon and upon coming home, we had to have it!! Bought this as stocking stuffers and also have bought for the kids easter baskets. LOVE this product and will definitely continue to purchase. A must have staple in our pantry!
A little taste of Portland
Those of us who consider Portland a second home value what marion berries we can get. My daughter requested the perfect pancake, so off to Amazon to get Krusteaz mix and marion blackberry syrup (which I would make myself if blackberries with the tartness and flavor balance of a marion berry existed anywhere within 500 miles of here). This was the only brand, and at an attractive price point. While it did not disappoint at that price, the desired concentration of marion berry flavor was absent. Granted, its better than syrup from our black berries back east here, but its just not what I get in Portland when I boil down a quart of marion berries with a squirt of citrus and simple syrup then push it (and mash it and push it and mash it...) through a chinois. By the way, if your daughter requests the perfect pancake don't forget a squirt of citrus in the Krusteaz pancake batter and don't over mix it! Happy breakfast-ing!
Leroy Lobato
Marion Berry Syrup
lip smacking, yummy good
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