Trappist Abbey Monastery Fruitcake 3 lb.

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Great cake
One of the best fruit cakes that I have eaten
Absolutely Delicious!
Had this sent for my Dad for Christmas! He was a real fruit cake nut and couldn't get enough of this one. Perfect!
Quintos Canonizado
Comfort Food
I have been searching for a fruitcake similar, if not the exact one, to that which my family used to enjoy at Christmas time during my childhood in the 1960s. Although I like how really dense and compact with fruit and nuts this fruitcake is, it is not the same. It is not as moist and chewy and heavily infused with liquor in aroma and taste like the ones in my childhood. Not to say I'm completely disappointed with this one; I'm not. Indeed, I have enjoyed having it, and might even reorder. But it just lacks the ingredient I am searching for --that of the "comfort food" feel of days past.
My secret vice!
I love its dark fruity-nutty goodness! It's rich, dark and delicious and so rich that a little goes a long way. I shouldn't have any sweets because I'm al;ways watching my weight, but I can't resist. If you love fruitcake, this is the one!

It comes, if I recall, with or without brandy. I bought the not-brandy version because it was what was still available after Christmas. I had money issues and couldn't order sooner. It was excellent as usual, but I liked it better after I infused it with brandy. Another time I accidentally got the unboozed version, I used rum and it was also superb. I bought the 3-pound size because I love it. the 1pound size gets used up too quickly.
The Best
To me this brand is synonymous with fruit cake. I hadn't tasted it in quite a while and was so pleased to find that it is still top quality. It is dark and filled with fruit with just enough brandy to enhance the flavor. My only complaint is that it is highly caloric and irresistible.
Very Good
By far the best fruitcake I've had, but this latest example was slightly over-baked and dry. Will purchase again.
Should get more
I buy a 3 lb fruitcake for my mom and husband to share every year. They love this one and I should probably get them each a 3 lber next time.
Wouldn't Buy Again
Too dry, not moist or flavorful. Generally, money that was not well spent for this type of item. Would not purchase again. Sorry
wonderful fruitcake!
I usually buy my fruitcake from an abbey in Virginia. This fruitcake is dense and full of nuts and fruit. I love its texture and taste. I will definitely buy it again!!!
A Many Times Repeat Customer
Purchased my 4th 3-pound Trappist Abbey Monastery fruitcake this past 2016 Christmas season. Bottom line is this is the best fruitcake I've every had. Ha, I still have some left...think I'll have a scoop of ice cream with a slice of fruit cake for after dinner dessert!
Best fruitcake I've ever eaten. Have been ordering for 3-4 years and the product has always been tasty and moist. Add a little CoolWhip and enjoy, what a delight and they make great gifts for people that like fruitcake. Try the 1 lb but you will wish you ordered the 3 lb and probably more than one.
My mother-in-law use to make fruitcake similar to this but a little to much soaking in wine, made it hard to keep in the freezer. lol
My sister lives in Oregon and sends these to us. My parent's and I are fruitcake lovers and these are probably the best you can buy anywhere!!! They aren't the stereo-typical "fruitcake" that everyone complains about. They are flavorful, moist and full
I love 'fruitcake' this one is the best ever. I am so happy that I found you.
Verna E Benard
I ordered this last year for myself and husband and we really liked it so I ordered another 3# one for this Christmas. It has a delicious flavor. It is absolutely the best fruitcake I've ever eaten.
Sylvia M Johnson
I have eatten your Fruitcake and it is wonderful!
If I cake I will try to buy another this year.
Fruit Cake
My daughter ordered your fruitcake for her Dad. He could not wait until Christmas to taste it. He said it reminded him of the fruitcake his mother used to make. His words were this fruitcake is the real deal!
Plachette Allen
Just like Momma used to make!
I bought this fruitcake for my step-dad after researching several other fruitcakes for sell on the internet. My dad was at a lost for words, he thought that he'd never have a fruitcake that taste just like the way his mother used to make. I'm really plea
Bill Simoni
Just Love this Fruitcake!
I purchased a 1# fruitcake last year and wouldn't give any to anyone! So this year I have ordered a 3# on Nov. 13, 2013. I hope that I don't eat it all before Christmas! Just maybe someone will get a piece, but don't bet on it!
The way mom made a fruit cake
I have to commend on their recipe for Fruit cake. I have ordered from other online and local bake shops and no one makes a fruit cake this close to the one my mother made when I was growing up. Great fruit cake, glad I found where to ge
Diana Voellinger
Your fruitcake is the greatest! Even my husband liked it. I was shocked!
Gary B
My first time buying this brand. Lacked richness I expected.
Richard Adams
Best fruitcake ever and I have tried many different sources
Best fruitcake ever and I have tried many different sources
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