Tillamook Cheese Medium Cheddar Loaf 32 oz.

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In Oregon, Tillamook is synonymous with cheese. It's the name we trust in the dairy aisle, and rightfully so. Tillamook is a dairy cooperative owned by farmers, not shareholders. It's been this way since the very beginning in 1909. Tillamook is a brand that is committed to tradition, values, and quality.

"This is Dairy Done Right." - The Tillamook Promise

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I lived in Oregon for about 5 years and found the Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese and it really was love at first bite. LOL I now live in North Carolina and I miss being able to buy it at my local store. I like to keep some bite size chunks handy in the frig. for when I need a little protein.
GREAT !!!!
Best cheese ever !!!!!!
Loved It
I tired Tillamook Cheese for the first time n 1978 when I visited a Navy friend of mine that lived there in Tillamook and I loved it from the very first bite. I used to look out his kitchen and the factory was right there. I wish could buy one of those big blocks that get cut up and have it shipped to me in South Carolina.
mary kenney
tillamook medium cheddar cheese
i would like the 2 lbs of cheddar cheese