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Oregon is home to many world-class confectioneries. Before you leave our site, you'll want to look at the mouth-watering candies and truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates, Ladybug Chocolates, Cranberry Sweets, Euphoria, and Brigittine Monks, just to name a few, in the flyout navigation bar. We select our candies and chocolates for taste (great!), presentation, and value. We know what we're doing with chocolate in Oregon. Ashland, Oregon hosts an annual chocolate festival. We stock many of the festival award winners including Waimea. Check out this Oregon, yes Oregon chocolatier award winner.

About Oregon Chocolate & Candies

Oregon chocolatiers and candy makers are creating magic. Join the chocolate lovers who rave about Moonstruck Truffles. Dive into deeply delicious fudge by Brigittine Monks. Acquaint yourself with special chocolates, sea salted caramels and berry candy from Euphoria, JaCiva, Cary's of Oregon, Candy Basket, Indulge and others. No sales tax.