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12 Gifts For Mothers Day

4/28/2017 12:08 PM

mothers day

1: Pendleton Blankets 

Treat mom to the finest blanket Oregon has to offer when you purchase from Pendleton. You are sure to find the style that fits her best at the largest online retailer, Made in Oregon. A solid foundation has been built from a shared history of over 40 years. These Portland based companies are separated by only a short drive making product easily distributed and shipped for valued customers. Enjoy free shipping with your Pendleton mothers day gift!

pendleton2: Gift Baskets 

You can’t go wrong with a gift basket to tickle the palate or release tensions from a long week. Help mom soak her worries away and indulge her senses with a scented candle that will transport her from a busy life to a few moments of tranquil relaxation. Mom deserves nothing but the best and Oregon is known for some of the best food and wine in the country. Pamper her with some of Oregon’s delicacies delivered right to her doorstep. 

3: Oregon Wine 

Show mom you appreciate her as much as she appreciates an exceptional wine. As one of the largest retailers of Oregon wines, you are sure to find the perfect blend to make this a mothers day to remember. With a dedicated sommelier, careful thought is put into the selection made available to Made in Oregon customers. Fifty different grape varieties offer a multitude of harvests even the pickiest of wine drinkers will envy. We invite you to explore our world-class selection and choose a bottle you can be sure your mom will savor.


4: Portland Gifts 

Not sure how to show your gratitude for the awesomeness that is your mom? Assist her in showing her love of Portland with Made in Oregon’s gift guide. The perfect gift is waiting no matter what your budget whether 2 dollars or 200 we have something priced for any wallet. A gift under the price of a cup of coffee what are you waiting for?  

5: Lavender

Show her you care on mothers day by pampering her with a lavender gift. Lavender has been proven to have many beneficial qualities and can be used in a bevy of different ways. Proven to reduce stress and help with sleep issues introduce mom to the benefits of this fragrant herb. From bath soaps, soothing tea, caramels, and many other products immerse mom in lavender this mothers day.


6: Cocktail Infusion Kit 

Infuse Mothers Day with something to give moms cocktail a little extra boost of flavor. Just add her favorite liquor to the cocktail infusion kit bottle and let it do it's magic for 2-4 days. This blend of real ginger, sugar, cardamom and natural flavorings will have her permeating happiness on her special day.

7: Bath and Body

Treat mom to luxurious bath and body products from Made in Oregon. From a scented bath set made from real Oregon rain to a travel skin care set created from Indian coconut nectar, we have a unique gift for any mom and any budget. Mom deserves to be pampered on Mothers day. 

bath and body

8: Jewelry

Let moms beauty shine with a piece of beautiful jewelry from Made in Oregon. Unique handcrafted items are chosen carefully for our customers. In our vast selection, of wares, you are sure to find something to show mom how rare and beautiful she is.

9: Coffee & Tea

Looking for a more practical gift for Mothers day? Coffee and tea will get mom going for her busy day. Maybe mom needs extra energy to get through her day. You will be there to give her the boost she needs! Choose from our large variety of coffee and teas to keep her going from day to day. 

coffee and tea

10: Truffles

Truffles, who said diamonds are a girl's best friend? They clearly had never tasted the bliss of a truffle. Decadent chocolate to spoil mom just like she deserves on Mothers day. Where happiness meets love that's what mom will feel as she bites into a soft nugget.

11: Honey

With so many choices to sweeten mothers day, you are sure to enhance her special day with a selection of honey from Made in Oregon. Lavender to habanero and many flavors in between provide a taste for anyone no matter what the use may be. Spread this delicious treat on a biscuit or use it to sweeten your coffee or tea. Honey from the region you live in has also been found to help reduce allergies. With so many uses honey is the perfect gift for mom!  


12: Handwarmer Mugs 

Warm moms heart with one of our best-selling gifts a handwarmer mug. Crafted individually each color is fashioned in a right-handed and left-handed version. When she sips her favorite drink out of the mug your thoughtfulness will come to mind. These unique microwave safe mugs have ample room holding 14 oz of liquid. 

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From submarines to donuts that will put a spell on you Portland has a bevy of activities to keep you busy and your belly full while exploring some of what this growing city has to offer.

1: A Scoop with the Locals at Salt & Straw

Lick your heart out and fall in love with a place the locals have come to cherish.  Salt & Straw ice cream has taken the city by scoops in just five short years. Don't be derailed by the long line that pours out the door and wraps around the corner. Any resident will tell you it's worth the wait! Handmade and dedicated to quality has aided in dishing up 4 locations for your convenience.

Ice Cream

2: Step Back in History at Pittock Mansion

Immerse yourself in some Portland history and visit Pittock Mansion. Built in 1914 for one of Oregon's influential families, this estate has many stories to tell and beauties to withhold. An affordable excursion for the family at ten dollars and under for admission. The stately home is surrounded by 46 acres of natural beauty all free for the public to enjoy.

Pittock Mansion

3: Visit a Micro Winery

Step into a tasting lounge right in the city. If wine is what your palate is after Portland has plenty of choices right here. The owners of these quaint urban wineries are passionate and it shows. Special attention is paid to the small lots to bring only the finest wine to its patrons.


4: Tour the USS Blueback Submarine

Submerge yourself in learning about the USS Blueback. This 45-minute tour will have you peering through a periscope and touching a torpedo. See how a crew of 85 worked and lived for months at a time on the sub. Dive in and get your tickets here.


5: Hike Punch Bowl Falls

Venture forty miles outside Portland to experience a waterfall known for the descriptive term "punchbowl". The distinct shape of the falls resembles a ladle being immersed into a large bowl. This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest with cliffs, waterfalls, and scenery transporting you to a completely different world.


6: Induldge in the Food Carts

Food Carts are no longer just hot dog stands and taco trucks. Portland has taken the food cart world to another level and every neighborhood has joined the phenomenon. Here you will find a dedicated space where your taste buds will find whatever your tongue desires. Some of the top rated restaurants in Portland started as just a window in one of these parking lots.

Food Truck

7: Get lost in Powell's Books

Powell's Books has been a staple in Portland since 1971. This impressive neighborhood retailer has continued to thrive even when the largest of chains have struggled. In a store big enough to need a compass for navigation there is something for everyone. Sip a cup of coffee and sit back to thumb through your favorite novel or go in search of a new best seller.


8: A Peaceful Day at The Grotto

Visitors from all walks of life will be delighted by the beauty found at The Grotto just minutes from Portland. This inviting destination offers 62 acres of beauty for its patrons to explore. Our Lady’s Grotto is the focus of the shrine at the garden, a rock cave carved into the base of an 110-foot cliff. The sight is nothing short of spectacular no matter what your religious beliefs may be.

The Grotto

9: Stroll Through Portlands Saturday Market

The Saturday Market in Portland lets you experience handcrafted goods made by artisans of this unique city. Recognized as the largest ongoing operating open-air arts and crafts markets in the country, there is sure to be something for everyone. A stage provides live music as you search for the perfect keepsake and a variety of food vendors are there to fill your stomach.

outdoor market


10: Be Hypnotized by Voodoo Doughnuts

With more than fifty different options Voodoo Doughnuts has a flavor fit for anyone. If you have a craving that's not on the menu ask one of their doughnut artists to create a masterpiece specifically for you. With multiple locations, you won't have a problem finding a place to get your voodoo fix.


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Pendleton meets Star Wars

4/24/2017 10:59 AM

People from all corners of the world travel to Disneyland and explore the park and all it has to offer. In 1955 Walt Disney contacted Pendleton to be one of the original working exhibits at the park. Disney appreciated Pendleton's history and quality craftsmanship and knew it would be a good fit in Frontierland.

The world recognizes star wars as iconic in the film industry. Disney-Lucas films wanted to commemorate "A Force Awakens" and knew Pendleton would design an impressive product for its fans. Combining forces was natural since Pendleton has been in existence for over a century. Pendleton combined their traditional geometric designs to create a blanket fans across the globe are proud to display in their home.

When you purchase the "A Force Awakens" limited edition throw it is labeled with a number. Pendleton made 1977 of each design in honor of the year the first film was released. Even the packaging is well thought out for this collection. Each box contains a certificate of authenticity that is visible when you open the box. If a fan is fortunate enough to receive all four blankets an image emerges when the boxes are stacked. Together they create a character recognizable to any star wars fan.

View our collection of Pendleton Star Wars blankets here

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Long regarded as a premium wool blanket,Pendleton wares have an extensive history going back to the days of the wild west. They are woven in the mills of eastern Oregon and Washington. Many of the blankets have fabric blends to improve texture, color fastness, and durability. A Pendleton blanket undergoes fastidious quality control. The term heirloom quality refers to the fact that countless people enjoy Pendleton blankets that are passed down to them by a grandparent.

Pendleton Blankets are everywhere and generating some serious envy. Need help finding a reason to get one? Keep reading.



1) Go on Adventures

Life is too short not to get away. One of the most important staples you have to bring with you is a good, cozy blanket, whether you are alone or with some friends.  Come on. You wish you were there.

Native American

Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


2) Have a Picnic

A picnic calls for fantastic company great food and - the perfect blanket to lounge on outdoors. With so many to choose from you're sure to find one to suit the occasion no matter where your picnic takes you.  


Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


3) Set the Table 

Bet you didn’t think of that! This alternative to a drab tablecloth is an instant mood boost to any setting. Promise; regardless of what your centerpiece is, a blanket or throw will be the star of the show. 


Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


4) Your pets will love it. And you.

Our pets want to feel secure and cozy - especially cats. They love wool almost as much as they love you. Your kitty will be purring for Pendleton. Trust us.




5) Take it to go

The design could not be more convenient; the saddle is perfect to strap to your favorite blanket and take it with you. Throw it in your car, your suitcase, or hang it up on nature's coat rack the next time you go camping. Perfect for an impromptu picnic or star gazing.


Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


6) Bed Envy

Probably the most obvious way, but bet you didn’t think it would look so darn good. The intricate design and durable quality enhance any space in your home. Snuggle up with your favorite Pendleton blanket or sit back and admire the craftsmanship hundreds of years of experience create.  

                infinity steps

Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


7) Build a fort

Who said you needed to grow up? Do it your own way, and add your own flair to your temporary home, away from home. These versatile blankets are perfect no matter where you lay your head or where adventure calls.


Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}



8) Get stuff done

Are you braving a Saturday filled with soccer practice for the kids or just trying to get away for some relaxation? There can never be too many blankets and their uses are endless. Grab a Pendleton and get stuff done!


 Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}


9) Or not

Take time to unwind and relax. Find beauty in the world around you and enhance your surroundings with a blanket your eyes will admire.

chief joseph 

 Image by Pendleton Woolen Mills via Instagram {https://www.instagram.com/pendletonwm/}



10) Set the scene

Need we say more?




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Portland Dining Month 2017

3/1/2017 3:15 PM



 As if you needed another reason to come to Portland this month; March is officially Portland Dining month. Why you may ask, is this city so amazing? It's as if we read your mind. The purpose of Dining Month is for the most popular restaurants in Portland to promote their best courses (3 courses to be exact) for a stunning $29. You probably thought you read that wrong, so I'll repeat it in bold, $29.00. So if you're looking for an efficient run through of Portland's finest dining, you've no need to look further. 127 restaurants are eager to put their best foot forward; a treat for Portland locals and visitors alike. Good thing you have a whole month to try them all!

See the list at https://www.travelportland.com/dining-month/ 




olympia provisions


One of the talented restaurants featured happens to be Olympia Provisions (NW and SE locations) who are famous for their meats and sausages. If you've had the fortune of trying them, could you imagine the amazing dishes Olympia Provisions Restaurants have in store? The dining hotspot serves local Portland essentials and European, handcrafted creations, so be sure to pay them a visit. 

P.S. Did we mention for a short time we are offering 40% off our entire selection of Olympia Provision sausages? Take some home so you see what the hype is about!




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