For years we've been proud to represent Willamette Valley Vineyard wines. It's easy to see why they are our best-selling wine vendor; with their hand-grown approach to producing the highest quality fruit which results in the finest wine since 1989 when Founder Jim Berneau opened the world class winery in Willamette valley; specializing in Pinot Noir. Since then, Jim has held numerous seminars in the states and France and established the nation's first professorship in fermentation at Oregon State University in 1995. 

Willamette Valley wines signature is its emphasis on pure varietal fruit notes with astute attention to depth, body, and balance of each wine; a result of the collaborative effort of the winemaking staff.

See what the buzz is about, and visit our selection of Willamette Valley wines on our website and in stores.  Made in Oregon's own Timothy Nishimoto talks about their wines here.