The controversy of bees disappearing has been on many peoples minds over the last couple of years. Bee Local has come up with a great way to help honey bees in a big city, like Portland. Instead of driving honey bees away, Bee Local is trying to keep them where they are.

By placing hives in multiple locations throughout Portland, Bee Local is helping protect and save Oregon’s honey bees. Each Bee Local honey has the name of the neighborhood the honey was harvested from. Whether it’s on the rooftop of a hotel or in the hidden farmlands around Portland, Bee Local has spread their hives into all different Portland neighborhoods.

Bee Local Jars

Every Bee Local honey taste a little different. This is mainly due to where the pollen is collected. Bee Local founder, Damian states, “pollen can affect the flavor so much that many honeys can actually taste different depending on the region and where bees are foraging for the nectar.” 1 You could say that each Portland neighborhood has their own unique taste.

Bee Local has started crafting new honey products, like their Hot Scorpion Chili Honey. This Hot Honey is infused with Scorpion Chili and vinegar. Bee Local really knows how to make your taste buds jump with this honey. Bee Local is always buzzing with new ideas. Keep on the look out for new and up coming products.

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