People from all corners of the world travel to Disneyland and explore the park and all it has to offer. In 1955 Walt Disney contacted Pendleton to be one of the original working exhibits at the park. Disney appreciated Pendleton's history and quality craftsmanship and knew it would be a good fit in Frontierland.

The world recognizes star wars as iconic in the film industry. Disney-Lucas films wanted to commemorate "A Force Awakens" and knew Pendleton would design an impressive product for its fans. Combining forces was natural since Pendleton has been in existence for over a century. Pendleton combined their traditional geometric designs to create a blanket fans across the globe are proud to display in their home.

When you purchase the "A Force Awakens" limited edition throw it is labeled with a number. Pendleton made 1977 of each design in honor of the year the first film was released. Even the packaging is well thought out for this collection. Each box contains a certificate of authenticity that is visible when you open the box. If a fan is fortunate enough to receive all four blankets an image emerges when the boxes are stacked. Together they create a character recognizable to any star wars fan.

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