Timothy Nishimoto

May is always a fun time for me. As a huge champion of Oregon wines, I revel in this industry’s opportunity to bring people together to celebrate and share their passion for, this awesome elixir, honor the people who bring it to us, and to learn more about, and promote, Oregon’s growing place in the world of wine.

This particular Oregon Wine Month, however, also marks the beginning of some nice improvements in Made in Oregon’s wine department to make the wine-buying experience more enjoyable for both the novice and connoisseur. We have started to feature some exciting new wines on our shelves, we have designated a wine steward at each store, we will have a shelf talker with a description for every wine on the shelf, there will be more in-store tastings, and I hope to host winemaker dinners monthly. Basically, we want Made in Oregon to be more of a destination for wine! (To read more about my vision, click here for an interview article in the May issue of Oregon Wine Press magazine.)

Did you know there are over 600 wineries and 18 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) in Oregon? The first commercially-made wine was produced 50 years ago, by pioneer, David Lett, who started Eyrie Vineyards, against all doubt by many others that Oregon was suitable for quality wine grape growing. Well, lucky for the world, Lett was right, and it seems as though every time I look up, there’s someone moving to Oregon to start a winery!

As someone who travels around the world every year, it is thrilling to have so many opportunities to spread the word about Oregon wine. Most people outside of the state equate Oregon wine with Pinot Noir, but there are over 70 grape varietals produced here! To be fair, I LOVE my Oregon Pinot Noir, but I encourage everyone to seek out something new and different from Oregon!

During this month, we having a sale of 10% off all wines in the stores and on our website, come celebrate Oregon Wine Month with us!!