Water is, as many of us know, a major ingredient needed to live a happy, productive life. However, many of us don't have access to decent tasting tap water (I'm looking at you Long Island). This is where the options become clear, buy bottled water or filter and bring your own. Buying bottled water comes with two expenses. For one, the cost of the water bottles and the expense to the environment.
     Over the course of a year, you could be spending lots of cold hard cash on single-use water bottles. Furthermore, most disposable water bottles contain BPH, which has been linked to cancer. If you want fresher tasting water that is also kept in one single container, consider a hydro flask!

Vacuum sealed for perfection
Their innovation in insulation with the TempShield™ technology means bottles, cups, and flasks that are a must-have for anyone on the move. It's crafted of durable surgical-grade stainless steel and will keep beverages at their ideal temperatures for up to 8 hours. So, despite a chaos filled day, you can still return to a temperature regulated beverage that will help restore peace of mind to face the day.
Your health matters, and so does the health of the environment. Therefore, don’t bank on investing in a single-use water bottle and re-filling it. Get a non-degradable, reliable and stylish hydro flask to use instead. The benefits are clear, to both you and the whole world.