Rain Water

1: Lan Su Chinese Garden

Immerse yourself in culture this month. Every Saturday and Sunday in May you have the opportunity to see impressive performances from local cultural organizations and dance troupes. Lan Su Chinese Garden celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month representing the diverse cultures of Asia, including India, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Pacific Islands and Japan. Come experience the other side of the world right here in Portland!

2: Skykart Indoor Racing

Get your heart racing with a few laps around the track at Skykart in Tigard less than 30 minutes from Portland. For under twenty dollars you get a seat in a world renowned European kart that's capable of 40 miles per hour. Accelerate your life with go-karting like you haven't experienced before!

3: Century Eastport 16

Recline in the most comfortable seat in Portland at Century Eastport 16. Don't just go see a movie experience luxury with new reclining leather armchairs that provide optimal comfort. With ample parking and the chance to choose where you sit beforehand seeing a movie has never been more convenient or comfortable.

4: Portland BrewBus

The Brew bus tour is for those who truly appreciate hops and the refreshing beverage they produce. On this tour, you visit three or four breweries. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to sample 15-25 unique handcrafted beers. The guide delivers a fun educational tour of this quirky city. You will learn all about the history of craft brewing and what it entails. Jump on the Portland Brewbus and get your brew on!

5: Portland Rock Gym

Go verticle with indoor climbing at the
Portland Rock Gym. No matter what your ability you will find a wide variety of classes and clinics taught by certified staff. Bring the entire family for a fun-filled day of indoor adventure. Even your younger ones will get to join in the fun, ages 6 and above have an opportunity to climb. Who says you can't have an adventure inside!

Indoor Rock Climbing

6: Circa 33

Don't miss the opportunity to uncover a prohibition-themed bar with a patio & secret speakeasy. Hidden behind a swinging bookshelf you are lead into an intimate bar with traditional drinks on the menu and a piano. Do yourself a favor and call ahead because the secret bar does sometimes close for special events - it's not quite as secret as it used to be.

7: Sake One

Enjoy the revolution that is sake. Venture 40 minutes from Portland to explore the world of sake and gain a deeper understanding of this age-old spirit. Enter the tasting room and be mesmerized by all the information and taste of this ancient elixir.

8: Mother Foucault's Bookshop

This is not a huge chain store where you will find every title under the sun. Mother Foucault's Bookshop is a vast collection of curated books chosen specifically by the owner. Due to careful selection, every book is a diamond in the rough. Cell phones are prohibited making this a great place to unplug. Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and be enchanted by one of the brilliant books chosen by the owner himself.

9: Steven Smith Tea Maker

Indulge in a tea tasting at Steven Smith Tea Maker. You will never think of tea quite the same after sipping tea in one of their tasting rooms. The finest teas are sourced from India, China, Sri Lanka, and Africa bringing you a quality unmatched anywhere. Walking through the doors you are transported to another world by a scent that engulfs you. This isn't just a tea tasting - it's a relaxing trip around the world infused with your sense of smell.

10: Rose City Rollers

If you have not experienced roller derby it is time, that changed. Go support the Rose City Rollers Portland's fierce group of girls are the 2016 international roller derby champions. Founded in 2004, this group has grown to be one of the largest roller derby leagues in the world with over 400 active skating members. Roll over and take in one of the most exciting up and coming sports.