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Portland Dining Month 2017

3/1/2017 3:15 PM



 As if you needed another reason to come to Portland this month; March is officially Portland Dining month. Why you may ask, is this city so amazing? It's as if we read your mind. The purpose of Dining Month is for the most popular restaurants in Portland to promote their best courses (3 courses to be exact) for a stunning $29. You probably thought you read that wrong, so I'll repeat it in bold, $29.00. So if you're looking for an efficient run through of Portland's finest dining, you've no need to look further. 127 restaurants are eager to put their best foot forward; a treat for Portland locals and visitors alike. Good thing you have a whole month to try them all!

See the list at 




olympia provisions


One of the talented restaurants featured happens to be Olympia Provisions (NW and SE locations) who are famous for their meats and sausages. If you've had the fortune of trying them, could you imagine the amazing dishes Olympia Provisions Restaurants have in store? The dining hotspot serves local Portland essentials and European, handcrafted creations, so be sure to pay them a visit. 

P.S. Did we mention for a short time we are offering 40% off our entire selection of Olympia Provision sausages? Take some home so you see what the hype is about!




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Willamette Valley Vineyards

2/9/2017 2:45 PM



For years we've been proud to represent Willamette Valley Vineyard wines. It's easy to see why they are our best-selling wine vendor; with their hand-grown approach to producing the highest quality fruit which results in the finest wine since 1989 when Founder Jim Berneau opened the world class winery in Willamette valley; specializing in Pinot Noir. Since then, Jim has held numerous seminars in the states and France and established the nation's first professorship in fermentation at Oregon State University in 1995. 

Willamette Valley wines signature is its emphasis on pure varietal fruit notes with astute attention to depth, body, and balance of each wine; a result of the collaborative effort of the winemaking staff.

See what the buzz is about, and visit our selection of Willamette Valley wines on our website and in stores.  Made in Oregon's own Timothy Nishimoto talks about their wines here.  





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The Tillamook Story

2/7/2017 11:01 AM

At the crack of dawn, Tillamook cheese farmers begin their process of making a world class brand of cheese. Welcome to Tillamook, a flat plane with ample natural resources- almost as if it were destined to be a dairy property. In order to better reach markets, Tillamook decided to turn the milk to high-quality cheese and distribute to the markets in Portland and beyond. Their mantra is to start at the farm- "The end result is just as good as the quality of milk they start with." Their farmers are the most valued people in the company- truly a farmer-owned business. Tillamook is also the largest employer in the area, making them a landmark in the local community.  

Made in Oregon has been a business partner with Tillamook almost since the start of our company in 1975.  We have been selling their extraordinary cheeses in our stores and on our website.  


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PDX Seafood & Wine Festival

1/24/2017 3:51 PM




Calling all foodies and wine buffs! This year, the Seafood & Wine Festival falls in the middle of Dungeness Crab season, making this opportunity even more irresistible.

We're proud to see that a couple of our wine vendors, Willamette Valley Vineyards and Arcane Cellars will be there; along with cheese from Face Rock Creamery, and many others. Want free tickets? Contact them to become a volunteer and get into this exclusive two day event; Fred Meyer Reward holders get $2 off. Get your tickets below:



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Happy Holidays!

12/21/2016 1:18 PM


2016 wraps up 41 years in business made possible by incredible, loyal customers and our talented vendors. As we wrap up the year we want to say thank you to all who were involved in another year of successful business and relationships with the people of Oregon, and the unique products we have the privilege of selling and promoting across the country. From gourmet food, drinks, wine and beer, to trinkets inspired by Oregon's landmarks, and weird things Portlandia is known for. Thank you for another great year, and happy holidays!



The Made in Oregon team

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